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Twilight Princess + 90’s Techno Music = Comedy Gold

He always looked like a raver kid, but it turns out the Hero of Time’s only got a few moves.

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Were Next Level Games Working On Metroid Prototype Before Luigi’s Mansion 2?


Were Next Level Games Working On Metroid Prototype Before Luigi’s Mansion 2?



An investigative sleuth from Kyoyo Report stumbled upon some prototype artwork from the acclaimed Next Level Games. The artwork from a former employee was posted online. What’s interesting is some of the designs are from the Metroid series. Whether or not the developer worked briefly on a Metroid prototype remains be seen, but it’s certainly interesting.


metroid_next_level_boss_2Thanks, Retrogaminglord

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The Best Playstation 2 Game Ever Toplist!

The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console of all-time, at over 155 million units sold worldwide. That’s INSANE. No other home console has made it far beyond 100 million - heck, the GameCube barely sold 20 million units.

The point is, there’s a pretty good chance you owned a PS2, or at least spent a decent portion of your life playing one. But what games truly defined the greatest console of all-time? It’s up to you. Click here to vote! Let’s figure this out.








This was the most incredible thing ive ever seen

holy shit

"thats not even a real fighting game" they say. 

This some dbz bullshit right here

if this isnt TAS im eating my copy of Smash 4

its TAS but its fucking AMAZING

Moments you realize you aren’t really that good as Smash Bros.

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